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The Good Liars came together when they posed as investment bankers protesting the Occupy Wall Street movement. Together, they formed the 1%’s counter protest: Occupy Occupy Wall Street. What started as one video quickly turned into an actual movement—giving an outrageously blunt and honest voice to the silent 1%.

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They’ve also gone after; Chick-fil-A, Scientology, Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, The National Organization for Marriage, Fox News, The NRA, Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, and countless others.

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In 2016, they released the election comedy Undecided: The Movie, in which the they pranked every presidential candidate and The Wrap called a “Netflix gem” that “may be the funniest movie you haven’t seen yet.”

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They've also designed numerous signs and art pieces across the country which have been written about in The Washington Post, The Guardian, New York Daily News, Newsweek, Huffpost and others.

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The Good Liars recently completely a new feature entitled "The Supporters"

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